The following is a list of approximately 20% of the projects Flamin Systems has completed. We hope it gives you a 'general take' on our experience.

Derivatizer controller providing all control of a liquid derivitizer used in high performance chromatography system chains. This included PID control of the reaction chamber.
14 Channel Controller
14 channel, 17kW, 19 inch rack mount PID power controller with RS-485 comunications.
Larger Hub
A security hub, which is a device for preventing semiconductor machinery cloning.
15 Channel Controller
15 channel, 18kW, 19 inch rack mount PID power controller for flat panel display fab processing.
Fan Controller
Custom 8 fan condenser controller used to maintain refrigeration head pressure. These two pictured, are installed at your favorite yogurt treat factory! They also make more Gummy Bears than anywhere else in the world.
16 Channel Controller
16 Channel, 20kW, 3-phase custom mounting, PID power controller.
Foot Motion Sensor
Foot motion monitoring device that uses accelerometers and utilizes a transmitter to provide unencumbered freedom for an exercise system. (Shown on top of the Popular Science article that it was featured in)
Hockey PID: A zero foot print full featured PID controller, specifically designed for direct mounting on solid state relays.
Time Balancing Thermostat
Time Balancing Thermostat that maintains commercial frozen warehouse temperature while balancing running time of multiple staged refrigeration compressors.
Fiber Optic Termination Oven
Fiber-optics termination oven that is portable. It is used to cure epoxy terminals in the field.
Hydraulic Gate Controller
Five Gate Hydraulic Valve Controller that can be commanded to change a valve position, or can be manually hand controlled, or can be run without electrical power.
300W Charger
A 300W Charger that requires 24VDC and then up or down converts for charging a large 12V or 24V starting battery set.
300W Charger (Oblique)
300W Charger (End)
300W Charger (Bottom)
300W Charger (Dollar)
This is a newly designed relay based thermostat. It has four output channels and 1 to 4 temperature channels. (See it under "products" for more details.
TStat(powered up)
Filter Controller

I micro PLC based control system providing all logic and power interfacing required to run a specialized water filtering system.  This design includes mode indicator lights that, when pushed, actually force new mode changes.  This is very useful for commissioning and troubleshooting.

Filter Controller (inside)

Non-pictured projects: