We love technical challenges at Flamin Systems!

Flamin Systems works with you to solve yours. Typically we learn from you how your product should function. We then consider the many solutions usually available. We get back to you with our thoughts, suggestions, and the reasoning behind them. With your input we can then focus on the best solution for you. We'll give you an estimate on the cost and time required to develop and implement your solution.

Many times a logical progression is a first pass prototype so that the actual control algorithms and user interface can be fine tuned. Often we can bend a previous design to provide this prototype, saving time and expense. This can also allow you to work on your product's refinement while we work towards your final product result. An example would be a hot-melt glue gun pattern controller we did. Our rough, quick, prototype allowed our customer to refine the glue heads and solenoid drivers while we refined the controller.

We have a VERY broad experience base to work with at Flamin Systems. This helps you meet your goals and often exceed them.

We can help you in many technical areas, guiding you to your own solutions or take care of it all for you. Just tell us what you want. This includes of course the electronics, power controls, user interfaces, and firmware, but also can include: enclosures, plastic housings, sheetmetal, silk screening, labels, overlays, powder coating, metal finishing, mounting, and installation.

We also do field installations. We have done field work from Alaska to Mexico City including New York. We can even provide support at sea.

We do light production that ranges into hundreds of pieces a month at our facility. If quantities start to exceed this we have offshore connections that can be brought into your service.