Flamin Systems was recently asked to design a thermostat to replace one removed from the market. No other unit in the market emulated, closely enough, the previously obsoleted unit. A key requirement was software that allows the user to set all outputs independently, and more importantly, based only on offsets from the setpoint. This means the user can shift the setpoint and all the related deadbands shift with the setpoint. We also added a large format, easily readable, backlit, 20 character by 4 line full alphanumeric, upper/lower case, display.

This unit was also designed with options including CANbus communications, RS-485, a realtime clock, and five buttons,(though only three are presently used). Also included is a pot input to allow remote analog adjustment. Multiple powering options are available including 85~260Vac, 47~400Hz with an alternative stuffing option allowing 10~28Vdc. This unit's software uses a common temperature sensor for all 4 channels, providing essentially a 4 stage heating and/or cooling controller. However with a full stuffing four temperature input channels can be used which would provide 4 separate cooling zones or four channel control. The temperature sensor is a 100 Ohm platinum RTD so the controllable range extends from -200C(-328F) to 850C(1562F). It has tenth degree resolution!

The enclosure is an IP67 enclosure.

Please contact us if you have an application for TStat as is, or with any other desired options or branding you may desire.